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Mr Guido Marchini
Date: Italian, 1929 - 2008
Born:Italy, Ostiglia
Remarks: Buried in Italy. A quiet room will be established in Stratford parish church. Closest relative is Adriana Monfrini in Ostiglia. Round stamp says DR SUP DOGANA CAMPINO EST ROMA 2 Lists of design numbers show that many designs were purchased by J. T. International Design Agency. The objects with the corresponding design numbers in the 'Inscription' field have J. T. International Design Agency added as a constituent. The following design numbers are on the list, but the corresponding number cannot be found in the collection: 3127, 102.G.S.64, 322, 344, 324, 28, 123, 07, 303, 314, 313, 254, 293.G.S.65, 32.G.S.64, 72.G.S.64, 9.G.S.64, 267.G.S.65, 8.G.S.64, 19.G.S.65, 3172, 122.G.S.65, 103.G.S.65, 278.G.S.65, 33.G.S.65, 102.G.S.64, 3127, 1805, 126.G.S.65, 1861, 278.G.S.65, 256.G.S.65, 3115.
Biography: Born in Ostiglia in Lombardy, Italy, Guido Marchini (July 1929 - Sept 2008) worked first for a studio in Como, and later for Stella Pinez in Rome, who encouraged him to learn English. He came to London in the early 1960s, working part-time in a studio in Baker Street, and then settled in Stratford upon Avon (1964), working from home, with an agent who sold his work well to many small firms in the Manchester area. His work was sold to Tibor Ltd and the Edinburgh Weavers. In later life Marchini continued with painting silk scarves and making monoprints (shown in an exhibition of 1972), at the same time becoming a partner in the Peter Dingley Gallery in Stratford, where he worked on the display of exhibitions such as Lucie Rie (1983).

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