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Bleaching and Finishing Linen Damask
Date: early 20th-mid 20th Century
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Dimensions: 68 x 50 cm (26 3/4 x 19 11/16 in.)
Medium: card, linen
Made in: Britain, Leeds
Description: Cream museum exhibit card from the Department of Colour Chemistry, displaying nine annotated samples of floral linen damasks showing stages of bleaching and finishing. Samples are glued to apertures. From top left. 1. Grey; 2. Lime boiled and black soured; 3. Lye (soda ash) boiled; 4. Chemicked and soured; 5. Scalded (soda ash); 6. Chemicked and soured to full white; 7. Starched and blued; 8. Beetled; 9. Calendered. Exhibit card from original box entitled 'Museum Exhibit Cards. Linen. Jute'
Inv. No.: 2011.97

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