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Alizarin, Alizarin Orange and Alizarin blue prints
Date: early 20th-mid 20th Century
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Dimensions: 68 x 50 cm (26 3/4 x 19 11/16 in.)
Medium: card, cotton
Made in: Britain, Leeds
Description: Cream museum exhibit card from the Department of Colour Chemistry, displaying 6 annotated samples of dyed textiles. Samples are attached to appertures . the samples are: - Print oiled calico with Alizarin, chromium, clacium, etc. for deep Claret; print weaker paste for light Claret; steam and soap. - print oiled calico with Alizarin Orange, chromium, clacium, etc. for deep Browen; print weaker paste for light brown. - Print oiled calico with Alizarin Orange; aluminium, calcium, etc. for Orange; print Alizarin Blue S, chromium etc. for blue. - Print Alizarin Blue S, chromium, etc. for deep Blue; print weaker paste for light blue. Pad with Alizarin Blue, S chromium etc, for light blue; steam, wash, dry; print chlorate-prussiate discharge; print Alizarin Blue S, chromium, etc, for dark blue; steam and soap. - Print mercerised cotton with Alizarin Blue S, chromium, etc. (Alizarin is an organic compound wich originally derived from the roots of plants of the madder genus) 4 samples are designed with flowers and leaf patterns and 2 are of stripes. Exhibit card from original box entitled 'CPA Ltd/Alizarian Prints/ Indigo Prints (includes more Kashmir)'
Inv. No.: 2011.25

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