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'Foldafelt' flat cap
Date: mid 20th Century
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Dimensions: 12 × 20 × 26 cm (4 3/4 × 7 7/8 × 10 1/4 in.)
Medium: wool, leather, paper labels
Made in: Britain, Atherstone
Description: A flat cap accompanied by an A5 printed advert and a luggage style label. A Foldafelt Immacula cap with a tan leather band with the word 'showerproof'. The cap had printed on the interior 'Foldafelt cap Immacula regd. Durable shape finish Made in England', and the cap size 7. The cap is accompanied by a luggage style label in pale tangerine with the same pointed logo as the print in the cap, and the phase 'This cap is made of 100% WOOL. When wet SHAKE WELL and allow to dry NATURALLY. DO NOT DRY ARTIFICIALLY’ The capital letters are in red. The A5 leaflet advert states that "Ever since wool felt caps were introduced we have been aware of the urgent need to develop a method of preventing the shrinkage and consequent loss of shape arising from their prolonged wear in wet weather. We are pleased to announce that after exhaustive experiments extending over many months (with acknowledgement to Prof. J. B. Speakman of Leeds University for his helpful advice), we have adapted the "Immacula" durable finish to the shaping of FOLDAFELT caps, and this renders shrinkage negligible and imparts a stability to the shape not obtainable by methods used hitherto. We are also pleased to announce that we have been granted an exclusive licence by Messrs. Proban Ltd. to operate the process and use their registered mark "Immacula" on FOLDAFELT caps." The cap sells retail at 15/6, and is "always in good shape". Professor Speakman was Head of the Department of Textile Industries, University of Leeds from 1939 to 1963. Accessioned only - need more details
Inv. No.: 2016.147

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