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Photographic index volume 1
Date: 1880-1913
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Dimensions: 26.3 x 39 cm (10 3/8 x 15 3/8 in.)
Medium: card, paper, photographic paper, leather
Made in: Europe, Britain, Leeds
Description: First of three original indexes of photographic glass plates produced by the Department of Textile Industries whilst under the leadership of Professor Roberts Beaumont. The index comprising a contents page listing subtitles, 33 pages of slide descriptions and approximately 230 pages of pasted in photographic prints, ordered under the subtitles: 'Fibres and yarns'; 'Weaves and combinations'; 'Fabric structure; Principles of figured designing'; 'Examples in colour arrangement, tartans, &c.'; 'Vesting and mantle fabrics, about 1850'; 'Antique silk fabrics'; 'Modern silks'; 'Ingenuity in textiles (Crepons)'; 'Japanese fabrics'; 'Tapestries'; 'Paisley and cashmere shawls'; 'Fabrics we wear and use (popular lecture)'; 'Paris exhibition'; 'Chicago exhibition'. The Chicago exhibition is thought to be the World's Columbian Exposition, held in 1893. The Paris exhibition is dated 1901. The index, contents page and photographic pages 2 to 33 are loose. Images include sheep illustrations, micrographs of yarn, graphs and diagrams, point paper designs, weave structures, tartans and illustrations of wearing tartans, tweeds, woven fabric samples, and illustrations from other publications. The original glass plates are also housed in ULITA. Due to its fragility, a facsimile copy of this index will be available for consultation.
Inv. No.: 2011.1

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