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applique hanging
Date: early 20th-late 20th Century
Dimensions: 15.5 × 19.5 cm (6 1/8 × 7 11/16 in.)
Medium: silk, metallic thread, cotton?
Made in: China
Collected in: Hong Kong
Description: A brightly coloured padded hanging in pinks, purple, turquoise, green, blue and red applique overlapped sections, each with a couched outline of metallic threads and satin stitch embroidery on a silk satin ground. This piece is made in a general flower shape, which is related to the patterns on this hanging itself. In a symmetrical way, petals are organized on the right and the left, with a small figure in the centre. The figure in the centre seems to a vegetal hybrid, with human being head and petals under the torso. He is holding a sceptre and is surrounded by parallelepipes and lotus flowers. The backing (possibly cotton) is a repeat criss-cross and flower head printed design, possibly a reused piece of material, and there is a long loop for hanging. There are the ends of futher cords on the reverse, suggesting another section hung from this one originally.
Inv. No.: 2015.237

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